Marie Houghton

# 1 Firstcast

November 11, 2017

How old are you, Marie? I made a podcast years old.


#28 Pathfinder-casts with Josh

October 19, 2018

Josh and I get to the bottom of what is really killing the country club industry, role playing games like Pathfinder and how to listen, learn, and live them via podcasts. Also you can hear us learn in real time how we missed this fall’s Flat Con by mere hours. 


#27 Bilingual-casts with Chris

September 22, 2018

Marie tries to talk in Spanish while Chris and how podcasts can help you learn/improve your foreign language skills. Hola! Hola! Hola!

Coffee Break Spanish-

Duolingo Podcast-
Doorway to Mexico-
Boldly Went, Outdoor Adventures-


#26 Audiodrama and Riddle-casts with Guru Earl and Adam

September 14, 2018

Adam, Earl, and I discuss our recent audio-drama binges and Earl introduces to a riddle podcast. We reach our personal best for number of other podcasts referenced. 


So That’s A Thing-with Molly

August 13, 2018

My girl, Molly, started a podcast and I SMILED through the whole first episode. Go check out So That’s A Thing for your daily pick me up!


#23 Jonathan VaNess-casts with Liz and Loren

July 27, 2018

Friends of 27 years talk about how JVN gets us curious. 


#22 New York City-casts with Adam

June 22, 2018

Podcasts to listen to if you are traveling to the Big Apple.


#21 Personal Story-casts

June 1, 2018

I took a glass a wine and a shredder to the basement and destroyed the evidence of my childhood diary….and I kind of regret it. Personal storytelling based on themes. Mortified The Moth    

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#20 Meat-casts with Matt

May 4, 2018

Out of my comfort zone on this one! Matt and I discuss a podcast dedicating to hunting one of my favorite meats, turkeys.


#19 Audiodrama-casts (Alice isn’t Dead & Limetown) with John

April 27, 2018

Why do you reach for audiodramas podcasts and not an audio book? John Darnielle was your babysitter??? Welcome to Night Vale- Limetown- Alice Isn’t Dead- Hegelbon-  


#18 Presidential & Constitutional-casts with Leslie

April 6, 2018

Washington Post produced two historically interesting podcasts that have relevance today.
The Presidential and The Constitutional:
Nashville Road trip Recommendations: