Marie Houghton

#10 Science meets Sci-Fi-casts with Chris

January 12, 2018

Star Talk:
Jim Harold’s Campfire

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#9 A Year In Review-casts

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! May 2018 bring you hours of podcasting joy. 

It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders
Coffee Break Spanish 
Hear Today. Done Tomorrow. 

Pardon My Take
Brain’s On. Science Podcast for Kids.
This American Life
Stuff You Should Know
SeminaryDrop Out- Dallas Willard and N.T. Wright

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# 8 A Good Week of Casts with Liz

December 29, 2017

I had a good week of podcast listening and shared it with Liz. 

We talk the Robcast Episode 176: The Mythic Power of Christmas with Alexander Shaia

We talk You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes Episode 394: Ana Gasteyer

We talk Jen Hatmaker Episode 04: Wise Men (And Women) bring gifts of boundaries at the holidays with Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Bearded Owl Brewing

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#7 Quizcasts with Molly and (Jake)

December 22, 2017

Molly and I talk all things quiz and trivia. Start with Best Quiz Ever Trivia with Budds Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Ask Me Another And I try to host my own trivia game with my friend Jake.  

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# 6 Lincasts with Ariane

December 15, 2017

Those who can’t podcast, review podcasts. We talk all podcasts Lin Manuel Miranda style. 

Song Exploder Episode 123: Almost Like Praying.
The Hamilcast Episodes 88-92 : Lintober

My Brother, My Brother, and Me Episodes 383, 380, 376, 280, 193: , Great job honks

Unattended Consequences Episode 2: President of the Don’t F*ck It Up Committee.


The Duke and Duchess:


# 5 The sponsorship-life with my friend, Michelle.

December 8, 2017

Michelle joins me on today’s episode so I don’t bore you all. I tell you which podcast sponsors for all your Christmas shopping needs…..or not…. 


#4 Livecasts with my friend, Molly.

December 1, 2017

My daughter toots. I recall insulting my friend, Molly. Molly schools me on experiencing a live taping of My Favorite Murder and We Watch Wrestling .

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#3. Thanksgivingcasts

November 27, 2017

Good news! Episode 3 is up and available on iTunes and this website! I review the West Wing Weekly podcast and recommend some episodes for your Thanksgiving viewing pleasure.  Next, I review episode 62 of the Deconstructionists Podcast’s interview with Kaitlin Curtice “Glory Happening” for your Thanksgiving spirituality consideration. Lastly I reviewed, Storynory’s rendition of […]

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# 2 Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love Podcast.

November 17, 2017

Hello listeners, I review my own podcast today and Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love of Food Series. Check out the interwebs for a transcript of all her episodes. Thank you for indulging me on this learning process. I’m still struggling transferring this to itunes so you’ll have to listen here for now! Thank you! Marie


# 1 Firstcast

November 11, 2017

How old are you, Marie? I made a podcast years old.