#7 Quizcasts with Molly and (Jake)

Molly and I talk all things quiz and trivia. Start with Best Quiz Ever http://bestquizever.com/podcast/ Trivia with Budds https://www.triviawithbudds.com/ Wait…


# 6 Lincasts with Ariane

Those who can’t podcast, review podcasts. We talk all podcasts Lin Manuel Miranda style. 

Song Exploder Episode 123: Almost Like Praying. http://songexploder.net/   http://hispanicfederation.org/
The Hamilcast Episodes 88-92 : Lintober https://www.thehamilcast.com/lin-manuel-miranda/

My Brother, My Brother, and Me Episodes 383, 380, 376, 280, 193:  http://www.maximumfun.org/shows/my-brother-my-brother-and-me , Great job honks https://www.buzzfeed.com/shylawatson/so-lin-manuel-miranda-doing-a-great-job-is-like-a-thing?utm_term=.hf1MBv6gl#.my8Wa8pKA

Unattended Consequences Episode 2: President of the Don’t F*ck It Up Committee.  https://unattendedconsequences.simplecast.fm/

CasterQuest: https://soundcloud.com/casterquest

The Duke and Duchess: https://www.thedukeandduchesspodcast.com/